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aloe vera for skin

In the old days, generally Aloe Vera was used for the treatment of external ailments such as wound healing, sunburn, external infection, and skincare. In the cosmetic industry, Aloe Vera is used as a base material in shampoo, cream, lotion, soap, facial cleanser, astringent, and other beauty products. But, Nowadays, Aloe Vera is used for internal health issues like immune deficiency (HIV, AIDS, low vitality, flu), digestive system problems (stomach, intestine ulcers), cardiovascular problems (high blood pressure and high cholesterol level), diabetes (high blood sugar level), and arthritis (joint pain and inflammation).

Food and beverages industry- In the beverages market, Aloe Vera is available in the drinkable juice, which is good for treating various stomach problems, improper digestion, gastric treatment, and ulcers, etc. Aloe Vera is good for weight loss, which helps in losing heavy weight in obese men and women by suppressing the appetite.

aloe vera for skin

Various health benefits of Aloe Vera capsules-

Diabetes treatment- Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterized by low levels of insulin secretion within the body. Diabetic patients take insulin on a regular basis to maintain healthy blood sugar level and others only focus their diet to ensure that blood sugar level are maintained in high way. Aloe Vera helps in curing diabetes due to presence of large content of glyco- nutrients, which will not elevate blood sugar level and good for wound healing process.

Immune deficiency conditions- Aloe Vera capsules containing Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, Pyroxidiene, Choline, and Thiamine, these all vitamins plays a significant role in improving the immunity level in HIV patients. Aloe Vera may assists in transforming the protein envelop, so that, it unable to attack human cells, which stop the multiplying of virus in the body and strengthen the immune system. It supports in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and helps in reducing the stomach pain in HIV patients.

Digestive problems- Irritable bowel syndrome refers to stomach pain, constipation and diarrhoea. In some cases, it causes irregular bowel function and spastic colon. It has tonic effects on the intestinal tract, kill bacterial growth in the stomach, and maintain the pH of the stomach.

Cholesterol conditions- Aloe Vera contains a phyto-sterol and beta-sitosterol, it is a competing sterol that will enters in the blood. The body can easily breakdown beta-sitosterol without any side effects. Therefore, it lowers the cholesterol; suppress the free oxidation damage and triglyceride level in the body.

Hypertension (High blood pressure)- Blood pressure is maintained by calcium, magnesium, and potassium in relation to the sodium. High levels of homocysteine in the blood cause sticky blood or clotting of blood and fight against blocked arteries. Vitamin B 12 of Aloe Vera capsules helps in lowering the level of homocysteine and delivers the sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells in the body. Vitamin C and salicylic acid helps in the dilatation of capillaries, helps in proper blood flow and lowers the blood pressure.

Arthritis pain- Osteoarthritis is common in elder patients; it is described as a condition in which the cartilage in the joint wears away induces pain, inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the whole body not only joints. Aloe Vera widely used in treating pain and inflammation of the joints.

For skin care- Aloe Vera is extensively used for managing various skin conditions like skin burn, wound healing, suntan, psoriasis, eczema, acne, premature ageing, reduces wrinkles, and moisturize your skin. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it efficiently helps in reducing the pain, redness and inflammation caused due to acne.

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