Omega 3 Fatty Acid Is The Key Of Good Health

omega 3 capsules

Our pre-evolved ancestors consumed plant and animal, which provided sufficient quantity of Omega 3 in the regular diet. Over the time, biologically fatty acid became incorporated into our cellular structure and provides integral components in the development and regeneration of cells. Insufficient amount of Omega 3 fat in the body cause a wide variety of diseases like cardiac disorders, arthritis, low libido, poor sexual health, and cancer.

Omega 3 supplement is necessary component for the vitality of our brain and cellular structure. It can be added to the growing list of nutrients, which is beneficial for preventing heart diseases, cancer, inflammation, etc. Intake of Omega 3 supplements prevents you from various illness, infection, improve health as well as age. To get healthy and fit body, you have to take one Omega 3 capsules twice a day before half an hour of meals with one glass of lukewarm water.

Sources of Omega 3 supplements-

There are three types of Omega 3 fatty acid available in the food like-

  • Alpha- linolenic acid (ALA)
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

omega 3 capsules

The human body converts ALA (found in plant food) to EPA and DHA. These two types of Omega 3 fatty acid readily used by the body. The richest sources of Omega 3 are cold-water fish like Tuna, Sardines, Salmon and Mackerel. Even, the best plant sources of Omega 3 are Flaxseeds, Walnut, Soyabean, canola oil and dark leafy vegetables.

Benefits of Omega 3 capsules for overall health-

Improve brain function- Omega 3 is a long chain fatty acid, which plays a significant role in the make up of various parts of the brain (The brain part that facilitate communication between the cells of the brain). Pregnant females should take Omega 3 in sufficient quantity to increases intelligence in infants. To overcome bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, use these natural supplements.

Good for vision- Intake of Omega 3 helps in preventing the eye damage, manage various eye disorders by improving vision.

For healthy heart- Best Omega 3 supplement helps in lowering of the blood lipid level, bad cholesterol level, prevents the damaging of arteries, maintains blood pressure and reduce the chances of heart attack.

Soothe your joint- EPA and DHA available in Omega 3 helps in managing pain, inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Even, it helps in increasing bone strength by proving sufficient quantity of calcium to your bones by minimizing the hazard of osteoporosis (bone disease).

Prevent ageing process- Omega 3 slows down the process of ageing by making healthy skin, and lighten the wrinkles. Even, it also helps to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, dementia, loss of memory, and cognitive impairment.

For sexual health- Omega 3 supplements help in improving sexual drive in men and women. It helps in improving the reproductive functioning by making them healthy and fit.

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