Kesar Infused Milk Safe For Pregnant Women

afgani kesar

Saffron is known as the “king of spices” used in the kitchen for cooking purpose, it is mostly grown in the Middle East portion. In India, only Jammu and Kashmir is the place, where Kesar is grown for various purposes. 100% pure and original Kesar is mainly used in the Desserts and Indian food, it gives a beautiful reddish orange tingle color with a honey taste.

Uses of Saffron- Best Saffron used as a flavouring agent in the kheer, biryani, sweets, and ras malai. Kesar not only helps in cooking items, but it is also used in many skin and beauty products due to its medicinal properties. It helps skin to regain glow and prevents the early ageing process due to the presence of Anti-oxidants.

Saffron rich in folic acid, Vitamin A and C, Riboflavin, and Niacin, which makes it the ideal herbs to use during pregnancy.

afgani kesar

Benefits of Saffron for pregnant women-

Saffron is highly recommended for pregnant ladies due to its safe medicinal properties. Mainly, it helps in proper digestion by forming a protective coating in the digestive tract. We are discussing the health benefits of Kesar for pregnant ladies.

Reduces mood swings- Pregnancy triggers several changes in your body and has deep effects on the feelings. You may go from being strange at one moment to being impulsive or emotional in another. Saffron works as an anti-depressant, which significantly helps in improving blood flow towards your brain and improve serotonin levels that elevates your mood.

Overcome morning sickness- Intake of Kesar helps in managing morning sickness like nausea, vomiting and dizziness by preventing you become dull or lethargic.

Manage blood pressure- A woman’s heart rate is raised up to 25% during pregnancy and it may cause fluctuations in the blood pressure. Saffron contains potassium and Crocetin, which supports in lowering of blood pressure.

Increases haemoglobin level- It is highly suggested you take iron rich food, protein, nutritive and healthy food during pregnancy as it keeps you healthy and fit. Saffron has iron content and it is highly beneficial for improving the haemoglobin level and make red blood cells (RSC’s) in the pregnant females.

Healthy bones- Women lose calcium at high rate at the time of pregnancy, as the calcium is important for the growth of the baby. Deficiency of calcium makes bones become brittle, weak and diminishes the bone density. In such condition, saffron is useful to ensure good health of bones and teeth.

For fairer skin- The most common advice for females during pregnancy, drink Kesar infused milk as it helps the baby get fairer skin and healthy growth of the baby inside the womb.

Along with these health benefits, Kesar is also used for managing pain and cramps in the stomach, overcome prevent heart diseases, prevent respiratory problems, prevent hair fall, provide better sleep, manage skin problems, prevent sore gums, and avoid congestion due to allergic reactions.

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