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Among Ayurvedic medicines, Safed Musli (सफेद मूसली) is one type of medicinal plant that is good for treating different kinds of ailments in the body. The most common use of Safed Musli is the treatment of impotence and to remove the sexual weakness that is found in males. It works by helping the proper working of the adrenal gland which in turn helps in the sexual arousal of a male. Since, Safed Musli (सफेद मूसली) is found naturally as plants, to intake them in the human body we have come up with our Pure Safed Musli 800 mg (60 capsules). These Safed Musli capsules help in sexual arousal due to the testosterone factor. Apart from this, the Safed Musli also helps in treating fatigue, circulation of blood and develops a healthy and happy life.

How to use Safed Musli capsules?

One must know how to use Safed Musli capsules. Typically, the intake of one capsules is required per day with milk. Morning and night are considered the perfect time to do so. This dosage has seen to be effective in increasing men’s sexual performance. However, the proper conditions and their treatments are given below.

buy safed musli capsules

सफेद मूसली के फायदे | Benefits of best Safed Musli capsules-

There are many health benefits with the consumption of organic Safed Musli capsules. They are as follows-

Oligospermia treatment- When men have a low sperm count, ingestion of the capsules can help in increasing the count, the motility and the volume. It also ameliorates the functioning of the testicles.

Premature ejaculation- For this condition, the consumption of two capsules is required, one in the morning and one in the night. This dosage is to be continued for approximately three weeks.

Leucorrhoea- The same routine, that is, two capsules for three weeks is to be maintained.

Eliminates fatigue- When ingested, organic Safed Musli acts as a refreshing element, helps in the reduction of fatigue, and keeps a person from getting tired.

Decreases nocturnal emission- The capsules help in revitalizing the strength after the nocturnal emissions. The frequency gets significantly reduced as well.

Reduces arthritis- the consumption of the capsules is excellent for cutting the joint pains and for the treatment of arthritis by the release of synovial fluids.

Lactation- When mixed with brown sugar and consumed, the capsules acts as agents that help women in a higher production of milk.

Helps in erection- The consumption can help the males in increasing their erection by strengthening their penile tissues and maintaining the hardness for a longer time.

Nourishment- For people who are malnourished, and are suffering from underweight problems, the capsule provides nourishment to enrich the body in nutrients.

Diabetes treatment- Since the Safed Musli capsules are antioxidant by nature, they can help in the treatment of diabetes by lowering down the blood sugar level.

There are not any notable side effects of the consumption of Safed Musli Testosterone . However obese persons should avoid using it because it may increase their weight. Other than that, Safed Musli benefits for men are numerous, and it is beneficial for both males and females.

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